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About KnowThings.io

Knowthings.io is a CA Technologies accelerator. It builds KnowThings, an IoT simulation tool, using patented technologies to help developers build advanced virtual devices to test at scale for integrations, and performance. KnowThings generates realistic data to help bring your ideas to market faster, at a lower cost. 

What is a KnowThing?

KnowThings is an IoT simulation tool that offers IoT device data simulation to IoT development teams so they can accelerate their solution development at scale from day one.

Our Team

Anand Kameswaran


Anand Kameswaran (AK) is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of KnowThings. He brings vision and energy to whatever he works on. He founded KnowThings because he's obsessed with efficiency and making the lives of developers better. AK believes that software is how developers bring their ideas to the real world, and things are how the world interacts with software.

In past lives, AK ran a market leading service virtualization product and was the lead singer of a 1990s punk band. At home, he has an automated aquaponics and goat farm and is constantly making his house smarter.

Menka Goyal


Menka Goyal is the Chief Technology Officer of Knowthings. She played a key role in developing service virtualization from a concept to a world class product offering and pioneered the use of machine learning for server virtualization. She now brings her expertise on service virtualization and machine learning to IoT with KnowThings.

Menka is in the technology industry because she wants to make a positive difference in people’s lives. She knows first hand how a good tool can improve the day of a software developer and uses that knowledge to improve KnowThings every day.

She’s held positions ranging from software developer to CTO at companies like American Airlines, Sabre Electronics, EDS, ITKO, and CA Technologies.

Partha Srinivasan


Partha Srinivasan is the Chief Marketing Officer for KnowThings. He has a great mix of entrepreneurial and innovative product experiences from working at various organizations including startups to large enterprises in a career that spans over 20 years.

Partha has worked in embedded products including speech telephony, mobile, and IoT. He has spent the last 5 years in the IoT space helping evolve the Microsoft Windows IoT platform. With his experience, working knowledge of the IoT market, business and IoT developer space, he adds value and depth to the KnowThings team.

Daniel Guo


Daniel Guo is the Chief Experience Officer at KnowThings. He brings his unique aesthetic to KnowThings, and his passion for a smooth and seamless user interaction. Before Knowthings, Daniel led a team of designers and UI engineers working with multiple startup founders to spin up prototypes and wireframes resulting in bringing new innovative products to the market.

He enjoys working directly for the user and loves the idea that the things he builds go directly into real people’s hands.

Steve Versteeg


Steve Versteeg is a Research Scientist at CA Strategic Research. He is located in Melbourne, Australia and serves as an advisor and collaborator to the KnowThings team. Steve’s research interests include information security, machine learning and service virtualization.

Steve holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Melbourne. He has over 40 international journal and conference publications and 15 United States patents pending. Prior to joining CA Technologies, Steve worked at WMind LLC as a senior software developer and researcher on an experimental automated futures trading system.

Contact Us

Email: support@knowthings.io

Twitter: @KnowThingsIO