About KnowThings.io

KnowThings.io helps development organizations shift-left their software development lifecycle. To truly take advantage of continuous delivery you need device prototypes and test beds that are as agile and available as the rest of the software pipeline. KnowThings.io is dedicated to providing the virtual devices and tools to enable development at the speed of thought.

What is a KnowThing?

A KnowThing is a machine learning driven virtual device to support IoT prototyping, development and testing. Imagine doing test driven development against devices that don't even exist yet, or performance testing against 1,000,000 devices without racks and cables. By interfacing at the protocol layer, KnowThings avoid the pitfalls of emulators and simulators while eliminating the need for physical devices through most of the SDLC.

Contact us

Email: ak@knowthings.io

Phone: 917 941 4706

Twitter: @KnowThingsIO