About KnowThings.io

KnowThings.io helps development organizations shift-left their software development lifecycle. To truly take advantage of continuous delivery you need device prototypes and test beds that are as agile and available as the rest of the software pipeline. KnowThings.io is dedicated to providing the virtual devices and tools to enable development at the speed of thought.

What is a KnowThing?

A KnowThing is a machine learning driven virtual device to support IoT prototyping, development and testing. Imagine doing test driven development against devices that don't even exist yet, or performance testing against 1,000,000 devices without racks and cables. By interfacing at the protocol layer, KnowThings avoid the pitfalls of emulators and simulators while eliminating the need for physical devices through most of the SDLC.

Our Team

Anand Kameswaran


AK brings vision and energy to whatever he works on. He’s got the vision to see where IoT is going and engage industry talent. He’s a very fair and cooperative teammate. He understands a coworker as a person. Tech wise—he’s very smart and he grasps new things very quickly. He brings a sense of fun to the team. He’s passionate about what he’s doing with KnowThings.

AK ran market leading product for service virtualization. In his personal life, he’s built an automated aquaponics farm and is constantly making his house smarter. He founded Knowthings.io because he’s obsessed with efficiency. Software is how developers bring their ideas to the real world, and things are how the world interact with software.

Menka Goyal


Menka is incredibly smart. She’s an amazing data scientist. She was involved in the concept of service virtualization before that existed as a concept. Menka originally developed the algorithm behind Knowthings and perfected it with virtual services before taking that technology and applying it to devices. She shifts perspectives quickly to understand a problem from varying viewpoints and can translate that to a solution for the user.

Menka wants to make a positive influence in people’s lives. She’s been a developer for twenty years and knows what difference a good tool can make in a developer’s life. She can sift perspectives quickly to understand a problem from various viewpoints and can translate that to an engineering solution. Knowthings provides Menka with the perfect opportunity to make give that perspective to the IoT community.

Daniel Guo


Daniel is the most amazing UX designer I’ve worked with. He’s totally bought into the idea, and he is in the user’s head. He can take a vague idea of how to solve something and give it back to you looking awesome and fully functional.

Before Knowthings, Daniel worked with founders of early stage start ups, spinning up prototypes and wireframes for many visions of how to make the world a better place. He enjoys working with the user of his projects and loves the idea that things he builds go directly into real people’s hands.

Contact us

Email: ak@knowthings.io

Phone: 917 941 4706

Twitter: @KnowThingsIO