KnowThings for Logistics

Logistics companies are always focused on answering the questions "Where is it?" and "When will it be here?"
With the help of IoT, answering these questions is much easier.


Freight Transport

"What's your ETA?" Shipping companies are rushing to provide their customers with a transparent, complete tracking experience.

Let KnowThings help extend your existing systems to integrate new data that your customers expect by simulating the edge and IoT devices, enabling teams to test with realistic data.

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Warehouse Drones

The future is here and now. You no longer have to imagine a day where a drone flies through the warhouse or yard to take inventory or locate that one shipment.

KnowThings can help you streamline the testing process in your drone deployment by providing realistic drone data streams without having a fleet of drones flying through your development organization.

Tell us about how your business is using IoT