Know Things for Retail

The consumer market is a very fast-paced, disruptive market. To stay competitive, you cannot stop innovating.
IoT plays two key roles in this market. First, it is the product itself. Second, it is the data acquisition and execution.


Consumer Products

Your brand is everything.

KnowThings can test your product at scale before you sell your first million devices.

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Product Tracking

Imagine the day that your inventory fulfillment was not only driven by the products you sold. Instead, imagine it is driven by monitored sales and missed opportunities, right in your own store, in real time. The complexity of this reality can be incredibly overwhelming, gathering data in your store and driving fulfillment in your warehouse.

KnowThings can help you sort through the complexity in the development of your system by simulating all of the unique data streams from your devices. This allows the development team to focus their time building the solutions.

Tell us about how your business is using IoT