KnowThings for SmartAg

By 2050, estimates state that the worlds population will reach over 9 billion people, which is over a third more than today. 70 percent of that population will be living in cities. It is estimated that the food production must increase at least 70 percent to address growth and the various social and economic changes. The challenges that farmers face are finding production efficiencies for the increasing demand for food with the growing constraints of water, land, and labor. There is an ongoing adoption of technology to meet these challenges with a focus on IoT.


Urban Ag

Vertical farming in metro areas is reducing the distance that food needs to travel on its way to the consumer. Enabling food production and the people it feeds to co-exist in metro areas.

KnowThings streamlines the development and testing of the next farm near you by giving your teams the ability to easily simulate IoT and edge devices at the scale of the deployment.

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Precision Ag

Water is a very precious resource and IoT technology is enabling farmers to use just the water their crops need when it is needed. There is the complexity of soil sensors and weather stations providing input data to control highly prescriptive irrigation systems.

KnowThings can simplify the development of these very complex systems, being the surrogate for all the devices prior to deploying it up in the field.

Tell us about how your business is using IoT