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KnowThings is an IoT device virtualization tool that uses patented machine learning technologies to help developers test at scale for integrations and performance.

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5 concurrent data streams

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per data stream per month**

Unlimited # of data streams

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**Data streams are currently available for purchase in packs of 100.

Simulate your solutions quickly and easily with a three step process.

Capture, Model and Playback your IoT solutions.

Reduce unknown risks to your software development cycle.

Testing your IoT software with large volumes of realistic synthetic data.

Integrate KnowThings easily into your test environment.

KnowThings Swagger APIs allow you to realize the value of KnowThings quickly and easily.

What’s in a Data Stream?

A data stream is a collection of data associated with a unique message identifier. By default, each device is a single data stream.

You might want to break up your device data into multiple data streams to simulate error scenarios coming from a tricky sensor within a device, or to better understand how an individual component of a device works, isolating a fan inside a condensing unit, for instance.

Check out our FAQ for more information and some ideas about how to best use data streams.

Whatever you decide, it’s $0.05 per active data stream. If you want to count how many active data streams you have, download the product, and model your data streams. We only charge you for the data streams that you are using concurrently.


" The partnership with KnowThings is key to allowing highly-customized applications to be tested with a 10 times advantage when it comes to time and cost. "

Eric Lenington, CEO, Object Spectrum

" We want to truly simulate our device information without requiring us built time consuming schemas to test out our ideas. With truly representative simulation data, we can learn not only how our platform reacts but also learn how our devices would fail. This is where KnowThings fits into the existing platform that we provide to our customers today. "

Matt Ouille, Director of IoT Engineering, Capstone Metering