KnowThings For Makers

PseudoThings on Raspbian

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Test your ideas before you buy actual things


Play with new virtual devices before spending your precious cash.

Play with software and hardware together without destroying your stuff


Test your code without impacting your current set up.

Want to play around with your security system? Test out code and hardware configurations without setting off an alarm.

Got a cold bottom? Test out your new automatic seat warmer code without damaging your vehicle.

Want to hack your sprinklers so that they don’t water when it’s rainy? Use open source, a Raspberry Pi, and KnowThings to play without wasting water.

Demo to your friends, family, and investors without breaking the bank


Show how your stuff works at scale without investing in tons of hardware.

Got an awesome toaster that cooks toast while you sleep? For fun, see what would happen if you had ten thousand of them all popping up at the same time.

Want to see what happens when your super cool 3D printer receives 407,000 requests at the same time? So do we, use KnowThings to simulate 406999 more devices and tell us about it.

Got a great idea for a robot that cleans your windows? Do you want to prove that it (and its fellows) could handle a 30 story building? Use KnowThings to mock up the extra devices and watch what happens.