Subscription-Based Pricing Model for KnowThings

KnowThings is licensed based on the number of data stream packs set forth on the order form on the KnowThings site. A “data stream” means a collection of data associated with a unique message identifier. A “pack” means a prepackaged aggregation of 100 data streams for purchase as set forth in the Pricing section of the KnowThings site.  Data stream pack subscriptions can be purchased and shall be paid monthly in advance.  

Customers can purchase data streams only in Packs and not as individual data streams. “Pack” means a prepackaged aggregation of 100 data streams.  A customer can purchase any number of these packs.

 A customer can purchase data stream Packs through the customer portal on the KnowThings site.  After subscribing to a monthly data stream pack, customers can increase the subscription by changing the number of packs. A customer can increase the number of packs at any time during a subscription period. When adding additional packs, the Customer will be charged the prorated amount for the remaining time of the period for the additional data streams and will be provided a new license file to enable use. Reduction of the number of packs will take effect at the start of the next subscription period.  The customer will be able to use any pack increases purchased during any given subscription term during the remainder of such term.  Any such pack increases will be applied for the next subscription period and in subsequent cycles.

If a Customer’s required data streams are less than the smallest offered pack size, the customer must subscribe to the smallest available pack. At a minimum, a customer must be subscribed for the smallest available pack to remain subscribed to the KnowThings product, even for months they are not using the product.

Our application uses Stripe, a trusted online payment processor, to handle collection, transmitting, processing, and storing credit card information for customers making any transaction through  You can learn more about how Stripe protects your data in the Stripe Privacy Policy.