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Want to accelerate your IoT solution development?
Want to help drive the future of IoT simulation?

Improve Developer Productivity

Simulate your solutions quickly and easily with a three step process.

Capture, Model and Playback your IoT solutions.

Reduce unknown risks to your software development cycle.

Testing your IoT software with large volumes of realistic synthetic data.

Integrate KnowThings easily into your test environment.

KnowThings Swagger APIs allow you to realize the value of KnowThings quickly and easily.

Build Realistic Data Scenarios

Test with life-like data

Use data captured from real devices and the KnowThings secret sauce to generate and test with data that is as close to real life as possible.

Test for unusual error conditions or contract terms*

In the case of rare or hard to replicate conditions, generate your own synthetic data by editing the data model and isolating the condition.

Generate large volumes of realistic synthetic data quickly and easily

Simply insert synthetic data and then enact loop mode.

*This feature is available in preview-mode. Contact support for more information.

Test with Confidence

Detects request and response automatically.

Capture and playback encrypted data to better mimic real-life situations.

Change the speed or interval to adapt to realistic infrequent communications and network issues.

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Reasoning for adapting concepts learned in Service Virtualization for IoT

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